Join us and activate the power of Decision Intelligence for better business outcomes.

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Quancon 2024


The Decision Intelligence Event Of The Year

Welcome decision intelligence pioneers. This year’s stop on your journey to protect, optimize, and grow your organization is the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and technology experts to explore what’s possible when you unify siloed data and put it to work for you.



Join us in March

Quantexa’s annual ecosystem event returns at The Brewery, London, and virtually on March 12th 2024.  
Reserve your spot today. And learn how you can use data, AI, and Decision Intelligence to elevate every business decision. Bring back to your organization valuable lessons learned and ground-breaking strategies from the first movers across different industries and Quantexa’s own experts and partners. 

  • The Brewery, London
  • 12 March 2024
  • Virtual across the globe

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What to expect


Solve your toughest challenges with insights from experts across a range of industries


Learn how to measure the ROI of having a single trusted data foundation


Be the first to experience ground-breaking Decision Intelligence technology

Meet the speakers

Industry experts from enterprises and government agencies around the world share their strategies to protect, optimize, and grow their organizations.

  • Industry speakers
  • Quantexa speakers

Paul Cullender


  • Maximizing The Value of Your Organization's Data


Vishal Marria


  • Welcoming and Closing Remarks

Agenda at a glance

Time (GMT)Title
17:00 -18:00Welcome Drinks +

In-person attendees to arrive at the venue from 5PM. 

18.00-18.10Welcoming Remarks and Industry Outlook +

Embark on an exhilarating journey as we kick off our ecosystem conference with a dynamic introduction to set the scene for the upcoming industry insights, innovation, and collaboration at QuanCon24.

18.10-18.50Maximizing The Value of Your Organization’s Data +

Uncover the pivotal role of data in empowering organizations to make better decisions. Our expert panel shares their key learnings and insights on enabling organizational transformation with a robust data foundation and an elevated data strategy. Find out what organizations need to make strategic and innovative investments to overcome today’s data challenges.

18.50-19.10Improving Patient Care With Data-Driven Decisioning +

Discover the healthcare evolution driven by technology and data and delve into the ground-breaking collaborative journey of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Liverpool to bring data together to create a 360-degree patient view. Hear how the teams prioritized trust and explainability to reshape healthcare with innovation, empower proactive community care, and improve children’s lives.

19.10-19.45Tackling Financial Crime and Fraud In The Era Of AI +

Explore the macroeconomic shifts impacting risk and governance across industries and learn how the transformative power of generative AI and new technologies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of AML and in countering economic crime. Industry trailblazers share insights on combatting financial crime, the role of technology, future innovations, and the significance of public-private partnerships.

19.45-19.50 Partner Of The Year Awards+

The awards recognize the outstanding work and success achieved by our partners across the globe.

19.50-20.20Quantexa’s Product Roadmap and Decision Intelligence Technology Previews +

Delve into Quantexa's strategic product roadmap vision. Plus, you’ll get exclusive previews into the upcoming technologies that will help organizations navigate the complexities of data and redefine data-driven decision-making.

20.20-20.30Closing Remarks +

Reflect on the highlights, key takeaways, and the collective journey we've covered at QuanCon24. We’ll leave you inspired and motivated to carry forward the knowledge gained. 

20.30-22.30Networking, Quantexa Demos and Partner Showcase+

Join us for drinks and canapés, see Quantexa’s ground-breaking technology in action, and network with our partners and your industry peers.

About Quantexa

In an uncertain world, decisions need to be based on trusted data – and give you the confidence to move ahead with your chosen strategy. Quantexa helps you create this confidence so that your organization can grow, with certainty and clarity.

Our mission is to bring innovation and confidence in decision-making to every industry in the world by driving the switch to contextual data.

Our Decision Intelligence Platform offers a single, trusted view of data – creating a renewable and reusable resource for everyone. The result: a culture of confident decision-making to protect, optimize, and grow your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuanCon?

QuanCon is Quantexa’s annual ecosystem event, providing the perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders and attend valuable educational sessions on current and future technology trends and real-world best practices.

Is QuanCon in-person or online?

Both options are available. You can join our in-person event in London or our virtual session. Please select your preferred option on the registration form.

You will receive more information about the option selected via email.

How can I access virtual events?

On the day of the event, you will receive an email with the link to access our online platform. Please register and test your setup to watch the live stream and access networking capabilities, content, and our Q&A hub. The live stream session will start at 17:45 GMT | 12:45 EST and go until 20:00 GMT | 15:00 EST.

How to access the QuanCon 2024 virtual platform:

1. Log into the virtual platform on your web browser.

You can check the list of devices and browser compatibilities using this

 link: https://help.goldcast.io/hc/en-us/articles/4404984809115-Which-browsers-are-compatible-with-Goldcast

2. Register (First and last name) to access the virtual event

3. Click on ‘’Enter event.’’

Settings and troubleshooting to access the virtual event

Don’t worry! We'll walk you through a few settings you should have in place to have a good virtual experience on our platform (Goldcast).

  • I'm seeing an error message telling me my microphone and/or camera aren't connected;  what should I do?

    While most attendees won't need a microphone/camera to listen to an event, the platform takes these permissions during tech check to ensure audio/video devices are correctly set. So, you shouldn't face any device-related issues. But please refresh the page and double-check if you gave permission to access your microphone/camera.

    You can also refer to this guide on enabling microphone and camera permissions: https://help.goldcast.io/hc/en-us/articles/4404983220123-Enabling-microphone-and-camera-permissions

  • Which browser should I use?

    While the platform is compatible with all browsers, we recommend our attendees join events from Chrome/Edge for an optimal experience.

  • My video/audio appears to be lagging, what should I do?

    Below the stage (where the speaker is talking), you will see a toggle on the bottom right. Click this toggle to enter what we call the lite mode, which may help alleviate your video/audio issues.

  • I want to switch my audio/video device which is being used on the platform. How should I proceed?

    Our platform has a dynamic settings modal that helps users seamlessly switch audio/video devices during events.

    1. If Goldcast has access to the user's Mic & Camera permissions from the system & browser then the user can directly view/change audio & video devices connected to its system via the settings modal.

    2. If Goldcast doesn't have access to the user's mic then the user can switch their audio device by clicking on Click to view/change audio device which will redirect the user to the system's settings to change the audio device connected to the system.

  • What happens if I have a VPN, Firewall, or network issue?

    We do recommend watching events on Goldcast with your VPN turned off. However, if you do have your VPN on, please use the "lite mode" toggle on the bottom right of the stage.

    Learn more about Configuring Your Connection Settings - Network, VPN, and Firewall.

  • The toggle isn't helping me, what should I do now?

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  • Have trouble logging in?

    Please contact us via email: quancon@quantexa.com